Silk cocoons and crochet!

green cocoon

I threw some silk cocoons in the dye pot a few days ago and here’s how I used them so far.  They are fun little pops of color and texture! 

green cocoon detail

How would you use them?

3 thoughts on “Silk cocoons and crochet!

  1. Hello Allison,

    I am Susan, we met at Camp Burton. We were discussing your lovely neck piece with the silk cocoons. You came up with the idea of writing out the instructions for it and having me test knit it for you. I’m interested in doing that for you if you want?

    Susan Schmitz


    • Hi Susan! It was so great to meet you this weekend, what fun! The very next tutorial on my list is for silk cocoons and I will get busy working on writing a pattern for this crochet scarf. I may not be able to start until next month as I am working on filling my booth for Shepherd’s Extravaganza!

      Could you email me via the contact page so I can contact you when its ready?

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