mystery yarn reveal: Beauty and the Beast!

This was such a fun spinning project!

The Beauty yarn is half hand dyed yellow gold merino, bamboo, tussah silk, firestar, rayon thread and pearl beads in white and cream. The other half is hand dyed green merino, bamboo, firestar and rayon thread strung with silk flowers, leaves and more pearl beads.

The Beast yarn is hand dyed brown merino, bamboo, copper angelina, with tailspun teeswater locks and plyed with gold rayon thread. The other half is shades of blue plyed with rayon thread strung with random tiny beads in browns, greens and aubergine.

hand dyed merino, bamboo, silk flower , teeswater locks, gold, yellow, blue, brown green, beauty and the beast, beads


mystery yarn spinning project

I feel like I should be spending every second of every day working on my business, but sometimes I just need to play!

I was sorting through my table full of samples for my upcoming Blending Board Magic class (I will be teaching at both Shepherd’s Extravaganza and Okfiberfest), when I got fidgety.


Here is what I grabbed. Can you guess my inspiration? Stay tuned!

blue, gold and brown wool, bamboo, firestar, beads, red silk flowers

Sunday Sounds

I love to listen to music while I work. Today it’s carding and Esquivel!

rainbow hand dyed mini batts for felting and spinning


Esquivel evokes a fifties cocktail party; space age bachelor pad music says it all.  I love the quirky energy!

Today I’m working on my newest product. I have hand dyed Romney in rainbow colors then triple carded it to create super smooth batts.  They felt like a dream, wet or dry! Of course, they can be spun, too.

Bundled in all sorts of color combinations, 6 mini batts to a package, each package is 1 oz. plus total.  They will debut at Shepherd’s Extravaganza, April 16-19.

What do you like to listen to while your work? Does the project make you choose the music or vice versa?