Sunday Sounds: funky felting

I felt the funk today!

acid green silk and wool nuno felt scarf find

quality control inspector approves

Today I’m working on Nuno wool felting with silk hankies and 19.5 micron merino! I am putting together a tutorial for kits that I’ll have available for the first time at Okfiberfest, May 30 and 31, 2015.

handyed silk hankies fleebersfarm

I’ve dyed a bunch of silk hankies in gorgeous bright colors to inspire you. The wool felting kits will include everything you need except soap and water!

Tunes for a spring morning felting session? Funky Town of course!

(I can neither confirm nor deny any fabulous dance moves that may be happening on the patio…)

Sunday Sounds: Color and Cohen

Color and Cohen

I’m getting ready for Okfiberfest so the dye pots are on!  I like to dye several types of fiber at once with the same color to use as the base fibers for my batts.  I start by breaking the roving into 2 oz pieces for ease of handling then I place a little rubber band on the end of each. I color code the rubber bands by fiber type so I can have merino, superwash/nylon, targhee, polwarth, etc., all in the same dye pot and still tell them apart when I’m done.

colorful wool dye pots simmering on stove

Steamy wool and steamy music!

Today’s music is Leonard Cohen.  His voice has aged like a fine scotch, so smooth and warm on a breezy spring morning.

Check back soon to pictures of the finished batts for Okfiberfest!

Sunday Sounds

I love to listen to music while I work. Today it’s carding and Esquivel!

rainbow hand dyed mini batts for felting and spinning


Esquivel evokes a fifties cocktail party; space age bachelor pad music says it all.  I love the quirky energy!

Today I’m working on my newest product. I have hand dyed Romney in rainbow colors then triple carded it to create super smooth batts.  They felt like a dream, wet or dry! Of course, they can be spun, too.

Bundled in all sorts of color combinations, 6 mini batts to a package, each package is 1 oz. plus total.  They will debut at Shepherd’s Extravaganza, April 16-19.

What do you like to listen to while your work? Does the project make you choose the music or vice versa?